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Download the StereoGIS and Spidar software brochure (.pdf 1.43M) Download the StereoGIS and Spidar brochure

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Update Download (v2.0.11.1 - 9/27/05)
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The Spidar™ stereo modeling tool operates as a plug-in to Presagis® Creator™. Spidar™ allows the user to view stereo imagery data pairs within Creator and extract polygonal models of buildings and other cultural features. The extracted features are geocoded so no further geo-referencing is needed to place the features properly in the scene.

Visit Visual Database Models for 3D samples of models built using Spidar.

More Information on Presagis® Creator™

Hardware Requirements

OS Microsoft Windows® XP or 2000 SP4  

System Memory

512 MB
1 GB
Hard Drive Space 50 MB  
Video Card OpenGL capable Quad buffered stereo-capable with Stereo Glasses
Mouse Scroll Wheel Mouse  
Other Software Presagis® Creator™  

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