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Download the StereoGIS and Spidar software brochure (.pdf 1.43M) Download the StereoGIS and Spidar brochure

Update Download (v3.0.3.1 - 6/1/10)
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StereoGIS™ is a custom application that enables the user to analyze imagery of a given area in a 3-dimensional stereo format and easily extract, edit, and/or create 2D or 3D vector data products, and high quality digital elevation models from the imagery.

With StereoGIS™, and quality aerial photography, the process of creating accurate geospatial data from stereo imagery can be achieved with an office computer and very few peripheral items at a fraction of the cost of previous methods. StereoGIS™ users can inexpensively create geodetically accurate digital elevation models and shape files (within inches of accuracy) that represent the actual GPS coordinates of the feature that they describe.

Viewer Module


The viewer module is the base for StereoGIS. It can view in true stereo (if the system hardware is capable), anaglyph, or split screen.

It opens 2D and 3D shape files and DEM (.xyz) files for viewing.

Anaglyph Image

DEM Module


With the DEM module, DEM files can be created and/or edited with extreme accuracy, depending upon image quality and resolution.

The auto correlation extension of this module is still in beta stages.

Anaglyph Image
Planimetric Module  
The planimetric module includes tools for extracting and editing 2D and 3D planimetric data. It is saved in shape file format for easy cross-application use.

Anaglyph Image

AeroGIS Module


AeroGIS is designed to aid civil airports in evaluating new and proposed on-airport construction by automatically assessing compliance to the FAA's height obstruction clearance requirements.

Hardware Requirements

OS Microsoft Windows® XP or 2000 SP4  

System Memory

512 MB
1 GB
Hard Drive Space 50 MB  
Video Card OpenGL capable Quad buffered stereo capable with Stereo Glasses
Monitor Support 1024x768 resolution 1280x1024 res. @ 100MHz refresh (for true stereo)
Mouse Scroll Wheel Mouse  


StereoGIS can be purchased per module, or as a complete package for a discount.

Network and Individual licenses are available.


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